When treating stains we have a higher success rate when the carpet or upholstery has been previously treated with stain protection.  Star Clean recommends Scotchgard™ Protector developed by 3M.  See below frequently asked questions for more information.

Q: Can you explain how Scotchgard Protector works?

A: It surrounds each fibre in the carpet with a protective invisible coating which makes the carpet resistant to every day soiling and both water-based and oil – based stains.

Q: How long does it last?

A: Scotchgard Protector is typically able to provide you with long lastingbenefits, but its performance will reduce every time the carpet receives a professional steam clean. It is recommended that you reapply Scotchgard Protection after every hot water extraction cleaning.

Q: Will carpet featuring Scotchgard Protector show beading when wet?

A: Depending on the carpet weave, not all carpet fibres will ‘bead up’ when liquid is spilled. Whether spills ‘bead up’ or not, this will not affect the stain resistance of the carpet.

Q: Does Scotchgard Protector make my carpet ‘waterproof’?

A: No Scotchgard Protector is not designed to waterproof your carpet, however it will improve resistance to water based substances.

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