Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We are recognised as one of the most highly respected professional carpet cleaning companies.  Our experienced carpet cleaners have built an excellent reputation.

All of our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the most advanced carpet cleaning machines available. These machines will clean right down to the base of your carpets and extract grit, dirt and stains and leave your carpets fresh, clean and healthy. We use a high filtration vacuum that has been specifically designed for high performance professional carpet cleaning.

One of the major advances in the steam cleaning method over the past few years is how the machines we use are now so much more powerful!. These professional systems leave behind a drier carpet because most of the water is extracted at high pressure. This means much shorter drying times.

If you are in anyway dissatisfied with our work, we will return to your premises and re-clean the area that you are unhappy with.

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